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From the World at Prayer Blog: Father Peyton’s Peddler’s Ride Again


spinnerSubmitted by Father Jim Phalan, CSC, International Director – Holy Cross Family Ministries

June 29 and 30 occasioned the 2nd Annual Father Peyton Memorial Centre Sponsored Cycle. Last year we went from Dublin to Attymass, Co. Mayo, home of the Peyton Centre. However, to ride on quieter roads and in more familiar territory, this year´s cycle was 140 miles around Ireland´s west, in Mayo and Galway. It is a fundraising venture made adventure! Through the collective efforts of the 25 cyclists and the Peyton Centre team we were successful in gathering donations for our Family Evangelization program. Rev. James Phalan, C.S.C., and Rev. Stephen Gibson, C.S.C., hit the road June 29 and 30 to raise money and awareness for families served by the work of the Father Patrick Peyton Memorial Centre in Attymass, Ireland. (more: )