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Prayer and Pasta


pandpWho knew that a shared meal of macaroni and communal praying would be so popular? Prayer and Pasta is attracting sizeable audiences to Family Theater Productions in Hollywood to break bread and pray together.

In January, more than 50 people were in attendance to hear Father Jim Gallagher offer his moving personal testimony on discovering the ways God calls us to various vocations in life. In February, another large crowd was on hand for our program during the first full week of Lent. And this month, many more faithful gathered for our Holy Hour service and simple meal as Good Friday and Easter approached.

pandpMany thanks to Rocco and his prayer team of Katherine DePangher, Sarah Kalb and James Zambrana for praying with anyone who desired it. They were busy long after the Holy Hour, so special thanks to them. Thanks also to Elena Ruddy for all her supervising, special desserts, health-conscious snacks, and working with Mary Anderson and Erik to cook and clean up. And thanks to Chris Ryan who bakes the best bread around and supports us each month with as much as we need and more.

Prayer & Pasta meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 7 to 10:30 p.m. at Family Theater. More than 9,100 people have participated in this program since it began in 2003.