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ANNOUNCING "You Will See" - Our newest DVD release


The newest DVD release in Family Theater Production’s Manifest Mysteries Anthology, You Will See focuses on the issue of peer pressure as it parallels the Presentation in the Temple. The half-hour drama is the story of Robert, a young man who moves from worrying about what his friends think to seeing Christ in himself and others. The compelling dramas in the Manifest Mysteries series link Jesus and the Mysteries of the Rosary to contemporary stories about teens, their families and the struggles they face today. Each DVD is 29 minutes long and includes a study guide to assist parents, teachers and catechists. This latest video has language tracks in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Retail price is $8.95. To order your copy >>

Premiere Screenings to be held at LA Religious Education Congress

You Will See will be launched Friday, March 18, at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress where nearly 30,000 catechists gather each year for workshops on faith and sharing their faith. Family Theater Productions, a regular exhibitor at the Congress, will also have an “auditorium-style” booth where Congress attendees can sit, relax, have some popcorn and view You Will See. Screenings will be held Friday and Saturday afternoons. Viewers will be provided an overview of how to use the product, watch the video and ask questions. Father David Guffey, CSC, Producer, and Tony Sands, Director, will be on hand to answer questions. If you are attending the Congress or know anyone in the LA area, be sure to send them over to booth 383.