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The Founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross


Blessed Basil Moreau founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross is celebrated on January 2Moreau0th every year. Family Theater Productions marked the occasion by inviting priests, sisters and brothers of the Congregation to FTP for a celebration.

Here’s a little background on our founder. Blessed Basil was deeply affected by the spiritual upheaval caused by the French Revolution and his hope was to fill this vast spiritual and educational gap.

In 1821, Moreau was ordained a priest and by 1835, he had organized a group of young and energetic “auxiliary priests”.

Soon he was overseeing a group of brothers. Two years later, Fr. Moreau merged the priests and brothers, and the association took its name from the small French town called Sainte-Croix. The new order's name became Congregatio a Sancta Cruce (hence the initials C.S.C.), which means "Congregation of Holy Cross." This year is the “Year of the Brother for Holy Cross.

Priests, Brothers and Sisters from the order joined Father Willy Raymond, CSC and Father David Guffey, CSC, to remember Blessed Basil.

Moreau died on January 20, 1873, and was beatified on September 15, 2007. . For more information on Blessed Basil Moreau go to: