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Out of the Mouths of Babies


It always impresses me how versatile the Holy Rosary is. Why, it can be learned by the youngest child. Many come to love it because, as Servant of God Pope John Paul II used to say, it marks the rhythm of human life. There is a certain rhythm to the Rosary which probably reminds the small child of the comfort of the womb, when Mama’s heartbeat marked time passing and strength growing in infantile limbs and organs. Marking the rhythm of human life indeed!

This little Filipina girl is happy and proud of her rendition of the Our Father, a prayer that will serve her for her whole life. When time for birthing came, all her relatives prayed it. When she was baptised it was prayed. When she started going to Mass on Sundays, she prayed it with everyone. When she is sad or happy, or facing a big exam or discerning whom to marry or how to spend her life, she will pray it and many will pray it for her. Certainly when she is ill, this prayer will come to mind.

Likewise, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be will be prayed, once learned, over and over again according to the rhythm of human life. Certainly in times of crisis or loss, the words of the Holy Rosary come right away. The rhythm of the prayer sometimes slows us down and reminds us that we are called not to be the redeemer, but rather to recognize him active in our lives. At other times the rhythm picks us up, as when we are depressed and feeling lethargic. We are comforted by the presence of our Mother Mary, leading us as she always does to draw closer to her Son. And of course, there is something very comforting to hear it prayed out of the mouths of babes!