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Angelus Inspires Future Filmmakers


The Angelus Student Film Festival will be taking part in a two-day in depth discussion on the “Splendor” ofGSAPU short film. The event is being hosted by Galileo Studio at Azusa Pacific University on the weekend of December 2. Angelus alumni are part of a panel, which will delve into the how-to’s of producing a short film.

On Friday December 2, attendees will enjoy a night of the best of Angelus films hosted by Monika Moreno, Director of Angelus. Monika says, “ Angelus films resonate with people because our themes of redemption, selflessness and personal triumph hit people at an emotional level. The story connects with each audience member differently but connecting with them is the key. Each story, each film at some level rings true.”

Angelus Alums, Gregg Helvey, Kavi, and Oscar winner Luke Matheny, God of Love, and Barbara Stapansky, Trojan Cow, will be part of the panel discussion on Saturday. Family Theater Production’s Communications and Media manager, John Monahan, will moderate the panel.