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Angelus On The Road


Angelus reprised “Angelus on the Road” and showcased four of its honored films at the University of Notre Dame on Saturday, May 7 at the Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. Academy Award winner Luke Matheny (God of Love, Angelus’ 2010 Patrick Peyton Excellence in Filmmaking Award), Robb Connolly (Our Neck of the Woods, Angelus’ 2010 Honorable Mention for Production Excellence) and Terrie Samundra (Kunjo, Angelus’ 2010 “Wake Up to Justice” Award) attended the event hosted by the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture. 2010 Live Action finalist, Sing Me to Sleep ( Magnus Arnesen. not present) rounded out the evening of screenings, which was followed by a Q&A led by Lance Spott, Angelus Associate Director.

Local NBC, ABC & CBS network affiliates covered the event; here is a clip from NBC affiliate WNDU >> 

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