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Viva Espana!


Matthew Marsden, a good friend of Family Theater Productions, was recently interviewed by Catholic Answers about his trip to World Youth Day in Madrid. Matthew, an actor in Los Angeles, who has appeared in such films as Black Hawk Down and Transformers II, was in the Spanish capitol at the invitation ofMattMarsden the Knights of Columbus, to speak to young people. Matthew urged them to get involved in movie making and other artistic ventures to shape culture. He told the youth there that, “It’s vitally important for the future.”

Matthew says he’s concerned about the culture young people are growing up in and the lack of impact that Catholicism has in the movie making process in Hollywood. “We are the only group that doesn’t have a voice in Hollywood – the only group – and that’s totally down to investment.”

Matthew went on to tell the youth in Madrid that he’s inspired by their strong faith at such a young age.

Matthew’s interview will air on November 17, 2011 at 6PM eastern. His will be the second of three interviews on the show that day. Please tune in!


WQOM-AM 1060

Airing: 6-8 PM EST on November 17, 2011


WPMW-FM 88.5

Airing 6-8PM EST on November, 17 2011

New Bedford, MA

WNEB-AM 1230

Airing: 6-8PM EST on November 17, 2011

The interview is not on local radio in Los Angeles but is also on Sirius XM at the same time 6-8 PM EST. If you have XM you can listen in Boston and LA as well as the rest of the country.

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