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1000 Students Learn How to Take Up Their Cross


UgandaStudents at St. Kizito High School in Namugongo gathered for a talk to learn how they can improve their lives and the lives of those around them, including their families, by taking responsibility for their own behavior.

An alumnus was invited to attend and spoke to the students about out anti-social behaviors he sees amongst the students, such as escapism, drug abuse, stealing and many other harmful behaviors. His personal witness was aimed to inspire students to give up these behaviors and take on their responsibilities. He also called them to lift each other up by supporting each other in these efforts.

UgandaFather Chris Letikirich, C.S.C., Mission Director, encouraged students on the power of a positive attitude and to “stand tall” mentally, physically and spiritually. “The best way to achieve good results in life is through hard work guided by prayer,” said Father Chris to the students. “It is vital that we all develop a personal relationship with God and to live his Mother Mary. Pray for her intercession and you will not be disappointed.”

Team member Ojambo Christopher followed Father Chris and offered career guidance to the students. He shared the importance of setting goals and objectives while in school, choose the right courses, and work hard.

The 1000 young men enthusiastically participated in all activities of the day and now have new tools to work toward a brighter future for themselves and their families.