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The Passing of a Silent Prayerful Worker Teresita “Tess” Alonzo Sarabia


PhilipinesFrom the moment she first joined in 1999, Teresita “Tess” Alonzo Sarabia was dedicated to not only our Family Rosary Crusade in the Philippine’s, but, to Servant of God’s Patrick Peyton’s devotion to Our Blessed Mother. Each and every day, without falter, Tess prayed the Rosary with utmost devotion. Many noted that she spent most of her professional life in service to the Catholic Church, leading an extraordinary life of faithfulness and selflessness.

But Tess was much more than that. She began her ministry by assisting in several video documentary projects of the Crusade, specifically for the Father James B. Reuter SJ initiated “The Miracle of EDSA People Power,” and “Pope John Paul II: We Love You.”
She continued her work for the Crusade’s weekly television programs, ensuring that these programs have relevant guests whose life testimonies will inspire the viewers. She would coordinate with various Crusade parish-based units across the country and help keep the linkages alive.

As she developed in her work at Family Rosary Crusade, she was instrumental in assembling the testimonies of the numerous Filipinos who worked with or Philipinesmet Father Peyton during his years in the Philippines. She documented his missions, his crusades and all those he touched throughout his ministry. In doing so, she helped to pave the path leading to his cause for Sainthood.

Tess has gone to be with Our Blessed Mother, Our Father and Servant of God, Patrick Peyton, where there will be no end to devotion, faithfulness and love. While here, she experienced many humanely pains, making it difficult to even walk, underwent extensive testing and therapy, but it was to no avail. In late February, she was diagnosed with a spinal tumor and her conditioned rapidly deteriorated. The hearts of everyone she has touched mourn and break in grief. But, her memory will live on tenderly in the legacy Philipinesshe has left in the Crusade and all the countless families her devotion has inspired.

There is much to be owed to Tess. We are so blessed to have such a devoted member of our ministry team. We watched a remarkable woman in action and now tenderly bade her farewell.

Please join us in prayer for Tess and all those who mourn her loss.