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Long Live the King’s Speech


Simon Egan, 2011 Academy Award winning producer for The KING’S SPEECH agrees to join the 2012 Angelus Festival Jury.

In October, Angelus filmmakers and staff were in London due to the generosity of The Peter Glenville Foundation. Angelus films screened in four venues; London Film School, Ravensbourne University, LondonKingsSpeech Film Academy and Holy Trinity Brompton. While across the pond, Simon met with Angelus filmmakers and crew for an afternoon in his office. Simon then joined the group for lunch where he advised Angelus filmmakers on their careers.

Monika Moreno, Director of the Angelus Student Film Festival said, "It was an exciting day! To have a producer of that caliber spend so much time with us and then share his expertise was incredible! The winners of Angelus were inspired by Simon's genuine interest in their careers and thankful for his great advice."

And a special thanks to Richard Hughes, of Ravensbourne University in London. Richard made the introduction to Simon after he and Father Willy Raymond, National Director of Family Theater Productions, met during World Youth Day this past summer in Madrid, Spain. By the way, Richard is also responsible for helping to create the Luminous Mysteries Multimedia Presentation on display at World Youth Day which won rave reviews by all who saw it!