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New Book by Father John Phalen, CSC, president of Holy Cross Family Ministries, to be released in May from Ave Maria Press.


In his travels around the world, Father John Phalen, CSC, often is asked to speak on the Rosary. Most often he shares with people, Rosary lovers and those new to the Rosary, how to reflect on the mysteries and see how we live them in everything we do every day. Holy Cross Family Ministries is often contacted by people present at the talks and missions who are looking for “more” on how we live the Rosary. Now, with the release of Living the Rosary, Holy Cross Family Ministries can not only provide the “more” for people, but can also reach many more people.

Living the Rosary – Finding your life in the mysteries – will be released in May, the month of Mary. Beginning with his own vocation story (an example of “annunciation”), Father John offers a practical story for each mystery. Readers will better understand how they live the mysteries. The book also includes an explanation of how to pray the Rosary, making it a powerful tool to bring family and friends to Rosary prayer.

Father John shared his new book with the listeners of Relevant Radio’s “Morning Air” show with Sean Herriott on Tuesday, March 8. He is also booked for a LIVE radio interview on April 27 with KBVM Radio and a second interview during their pledge drive in early May. The book will be featured throughout the organization’s trade shows and conferences during the spring season and book signings will be conducted. The book will be immediately for sale through as well as Ave Maria Press’ website. The suggested retail price is $12.95. Watch and for upcoming events and details.