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Family Rosary – United States Conducts Parish Presentations


Father John Phalen, CSC, president of Holy Cross Family Ministries recently visited several schools and parishes in the area of Jacksonville, Florida, to spread devotion to the Rosary to the school children and to parishioners alike.

Think Good Thoughts presentations were given to children in grades K – 8 at the Assumption Catholic School. Think Good Thoughts teaches the history of the Rosary and through fun activities teaches the importance and connectedness of prayer.

Father John also visited St. Paul’s’ Beach School for a full day of presentations and the celebration of the Mass. They also conducted a day of presentations at Bishop Kenny High School and conducted a day of Reflection at St. Peter’s Parish.

For more information on the Think Good Thoughts program go to:
To order a video to conduct the program in your parish go to:
Or to schedule our mission staff to visit your parish to conduct the program, call 800-299-PRAY