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Rosary Relay for Priests Coincides with Anniversary Celebrations


rosaryEvery year we gather with families around the world to honor our founder’s memory on the anniversary of Father Peyton’s death. This year we had the joy to also participate in the Global Rosary Relay for Priests conducted by the folks at We joined with the faithful gathered at more than 70 shrines around the world for a continuous chain of Rosary Prayer. The Father Peyton Center in the United States was assigned the hour of 11:15 am (local time) to pray the Joyful Mysteries. Our centers around the world also picked up their Rosaries and prayed the Joyful Mysteries with us. In addition to recognizing the anniversary of Father Peyton’s death, we also celebrated all our Holy Cross priests, as the event was held on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, the feast day of the priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross ( What a special day:

Chile: At our mission office in Santiago, Chile, the celebration for priests began with the praying of the Rosary at 11:30 am and was followed by a special Mass celebrated by the Dean of the Cathedral, Msgr. Juan Suarez Campos, who as a seminarian knew Servant of God Patrick Peyton, CSC.

Philippines Family Rosary staff and participants joined us in the simultaneous praying of the Rosary, followed by the celebration of the Eucharist.

France: A commemorative Mass was held in Notre Dame d'ORVEAU, France, where about 300 people gathered.

Uganda: Many gathered in Uganda and joined us in the praying of the Joyful Mysteries and offered Masses with special intentions praying for priests. The Peyton Prayer Guild in all our District regions joined the event as well as 800 students of Lake View Secondary School in three-day prayer program.

During our radio program, “Tiempo de Maria,” that is broadcast on 12 stations in Uruguay, special prayers were added celebrating the feast day especially for our priests and for vocations.

United States:
rosaryrelayAt our world headquarters in North Easton, Massachusetts, USA, we gathered on the outdoor Rosary Walk at 11:15 am and prayed the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary followed by the celebration of Mass. (Pictured here, Father Leo Polselli, CSC, Chaplain of the Father Peyton Center was interviewed by local press on our involvement in the Global Rosary Relay.)

Our staff in Hollywood, California, USA, gathered and simultaneously prayed the Rosary with us.

rosaryrallyWe joined people at more than 70 shrines around the world praying the Rosary for a prayer chain circling the globe. Each shrine prayed a particular set of mysteries each half hour of the day to offer thanksgiving to God for our priests. Many faithful prayed with us “virtually” and others used our Interactive Rosary to pray and some used our Mobile Rosary App. Be sure to join us next year as we continue Father Peyton’s vision that … A World at Prayer is a World at Peace.

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