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From Our Blog: “Fr. Would You Say One for Me?”


30,000 feet up, ear-buds in place, and watching “The King’s Speech” a flight attendant asked: “Are you a Catholic priest?”

Ok, so I it wasn’t tough to tell I had my clerics on as I headed to Salt Lake City but she wanted to know because she’s Episcopalian and our garb is similar.

My answering “yes” led to us talking about how she works Sundays and can’t make it to service… but instead goes to a weekday service.

After the movie I was praying the Rosary when my new friend dropped by again and said: “Excuse me Father, I was wondering if you’d say one of your Rosary prayers for me… I really need it.”

Today we celebrate the Annunciation of the Lord… we celebrate God revealing to the Mary through an angel that she would become the Mother of God.

Mary’s “Yes” to God’s plan for our salvation, during this Lenten Season is meant to encourage each of us to trust in God’s plan for our lives… even when things seem to be “up in the air” or worse.

At 30,000 feet or below sea level God speaks to us and needs all of us to be good listeners, askers, and doers.

He brings people into our lives to speak to us and for us to share with them a message of hope.

What is God saying to you today?

God bless,

Fr. David

p.s. If you’re feeling late coming to Lent… today is a great day to get “back in the game!”

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