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Ministries Continue to Fulfill Father Peyton’s Dream of Family Unity through Daily Prayer of the Rosary


Since the beginning, Family Rosary and its sister organizations have been active in fulfilling the mission of Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton, CSC. Under the umbrella of Holy Cross Family Ministries, these apostolates have worked tirelessly to strengthen the bond of family unity by praying the Rosary.

In an effort to reach more people in this digital age, a new website – – was launched last year while a mobile Rosary app for iPhone was introduced. Father Peyton, who was a media pioneer, would be proud! Other activities include:

Family RosaryCelebrating 70 years of praying with families: In 2011, this cornerstone ministry conducted more than 130 programs, including parish missions, retreats, days of reflection and presentations. The annual Try Prayer! It Works! Contest, which encourages children to express their faith through art, poetry and prose, attracted entries from more than 32,000 students around the country. Family Rosary also conducted a special faith camp in Cooperstown, N.Y., and a series of Rosary celebrations at select locations. One of the highlights was the Rosaries for the World campaign, originally started by Father Peyton, where more than one million Rosaries are distributed annually to people worldwide.
The ministry serves the spiritual needs of families in communities around the world, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, East Africa, France, Haiti, India, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Spain, the United States, Uruguay and West Africa. These pastoral efforts spread devotion to Rosary prayer and increase an understanding of the meditations through evangelization. In addition, Family Rosary had a noticeable presence at World Youth Day in Spain, where the House of Mary Chapel debuted. This interactive exhibit features a Rosary chapel and displays of faith. It is currently on tour at select locations around the world.

Family Theater ProductionsCelebrating 65 years of inspiring families through media: Television: Another new DVD in the Manifest Mysteries Rosary Anthology was launched last year. You Will See tells the inspiring story of a rebellious teen who comes to see Christ in others, mirroring the Presentation in the Temple. Also in 2011, Faith Bowl IV aired on Catholic cable and TV stations across the country. The one-hour program, which was broadcast at the start of the baseball season, featured sports celebrities talking about their faith and praying the Rosary. Radio: This ministry continues to produce quality English- and Spanish-language radio programs and inspirational videos the websites while maintaining outreach programs in Hollywood and for athletes. Billboards: Nearly 5,000 billboards with inspirational messages were displayed in 35 cities in 25 states last year. Hollywood Outreach: Catholics in Hollywood find a home at Family Theater where they gather monthly to pray and share their faith. Bible Study and other programs are offered regularly.

Father Peyton Family Institute – In Lima, Peru, the institute focuses on families, youth, couples and children. This ministry centers its efforts on research and education on family life ministry and the relationship to spirituality. Programs address the many obstacles facing families, such as poverty and substance abuse.

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