More than 1 million Rosaries
distributed each year.

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600,000 Rosaries En Route to WYD Madrid 2011



Seven tons of prayer beads will arrive in Madrid in late April. The rosaries will be one of the gifts distributed in the souvenir packs WYD pilgrims will receive. The 600,000 rosaries are being donated by “Family Rosary Apostolate,” an organization that promotes this devotion.

Fr. James Phalen
Family Rosary International
“For us, this donation is a means to highlight the importance of the rosary, to emphasize the importance of prayer.”
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The organization donates over one million rosaries each year worldwide. Father James Phalen emphasized that their manufacturing arm employs families with low incomes.

Fr. James Phalen
Family Rosary International
“The rosaries are made in a factory in Quito. They aren't made in China, they are beads made in a Christian country, for Catholic families, in a city with many poor people, and in a factory that employs 150 families.”

The Family Rosary Apostolate will launch a global campaign in May for WYD to promote the praying of the Rosary every Saturday, the day that the Church dedicates to the Virgin Mary.