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Possible Medical Miracle Reviewed for Cause for Sainthood of the “Rosary Priest,” Father Patrick Peyton, CSC


On June 28, 2011, His Excellency, Howard J. Hubbard, Bishop of Albany, will preside at the closing liturgy for the Tribunal formed for the review of a possible medical miracle attributed to the intercession of Sainthood Candidate, Father Patrick Peyton, CSC.

The tribunal appointed at the request of the Postulator, Dr. Andrea Ambrosi and Bishop Howard Hubbard has conducted a thorough review of all aspects of this possible healing. The findings have been closed and will now be forwarded to the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints in Rome.

“While the details of the possible miracle cannot be shared at this point in the process, we can share with you that a man in his 60s was admitted to the hospital with life-threatening, multiple organ failure. His family prayed to Father Peyton and they strongly felt that he was healed through intercessory prayer. The medical community has offered information to support this belief,” said Father John Phalen, CSC, President of Holy Cross Family Ministries, the organization originally founded by the sainthood candidate.

“We hear from people around the world frequently, who believe they were healed by Father Peyton. Many others simply share stories of being touched by his holiness. While they may already consider him a saint, we are all pleased to see progress in his Cause,” said Father Phalen.

“Today, we honor Father Peyton’s memory as we continue his mission to bring families together in Rosary prayer to fulfill his vision that the family that prays together stays together.”

The closing liturgy will be held at St. Vincent de Paul Church, 900 Madison Ave, Albany, NY, 12208-3322, on June 28 at 12:00 noon. We invite you to join us for this special celebratory liturgy.