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Holy Cross Family Ministries to participate in International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin in June


The House of Mary Chapel, which welcomed thousands of visitors at World Youth Day in Spain last Summer, will again welcome visitors. Holy Cross Family Ministries will be opening up the Chapel at the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, Ireland, in June, as well as conducting presentations and a concert.

Visitors will be welcomed into the House of Mary Chapel through a hospitality café where they can visit with mission staff and spend time in community. Then they can make their way into the Chapel wLogohere they will have a sense of entering a tent as was customary during Christ’s time. While seated on floor cushions, they will be surrounded by multimedia displays that will provide the feeling of being immersed in the story playing out on the screens. Visitors will experience Christ’s Baptism in the River Jordan and the other Luminous Mysteries. Originally scored music sets a contemplative atmosphere to complete the experience.

Throughout the week the Chapel will be open for visitors and they can also attend the daily talks on Father Peyton, Family Prayer, and The Eucharist, Our Lady and the Rosary. On Friday evening, a concert of sacred music and prayer will be performed by Danielle Rose.

“We are so pleased to be in Father Peyton’s homeland to participate in this International event. This is where Father Peyton’s faith life was formed and provided him the conviction to take his message out to the world,” said Father James Phalan, CSC, International Director for Holy Cross Family Ministries. “Father Peyton’s family prayed the Rosary every evening around their hearth in their humble home. Today we continue that legacy and bring the House of Mary Chapel to the thousands that will be in Dublin to pray the timeless prayer of the Rosary, with us.”

The International Eucharistic Congress will be held June 10 – 17, in Dublin, Ireland. For more information on the Congress: For more information on Holy Cross Family Ministries go to