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Encouraging Kids to Pray!


Lety and Lucy 250Each year in Mexico we celebrate October, the month of the Rosary, by conducting the Try Prayer! It Works! Contest. Through this year’s contest, with the theme of Being about the Work of My Father, we hope to reach 100,000 children and their families in several states of Mexico. Luciana Trujillo and Leticia Alvarez, our dedicated contest coordinators, have been covering a lot of ground. They are visiting parishes and schools, talking to groups, and assisting the groups conduct the contest with their children.

Luciana and Leticia tell us that the experience of seeing so many children wanting to pray with their families motivates them to try to reach as many children as possible. They hope the families will pray the Rosary together and experience what Father Peyton taught us, the family that prays together stays together. Lety and Lucy teacher 250

Because of you, we are able to offer the Try Prayer! It Works! Contest each year around the world. Contact our Development Office at 508-238-4095 x2014 or to find out how you can help.