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Abducted, Initiated and Escaped: An LRA Victim Speaks


LRA – Lord’s Resistance Army
Interviewee: Stephen Raphael Kilama - Catholic Seminarian
Captured by Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in 2003

Stephen Raphael Kilama
was captured by Kony's Lord's Resistance Army in 2003 as they raided a Catholic high school seminary in Gulu, Uganda. Stephen shares his, at times, graphic experiences of:
• His capture by the LRA;
• The LRA’s attempts to indoctrinate him and others by forcing them to participate in violence to the point of murder as they are told kill or be killed;
• Being caught in a battle between the LRA and Uganda forces;
• His escape left him wounded and starving and his long and uncertain journey home to attempt to resume his life.

Interview Conducted by:
• Fathers David Guffey, CSC and Willy Raymond, CSC, of Family Theater Productions

Five- part interview:
• Part One – Threat of the LRA:
• Part Two – Captive of the LRA:
• Part Three – Tested by the LRA:
• Part Four – Opportunity in Battle:
• Part Five – The Road Back to Life: