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Reaching Out in Hollywood with Bible Study


groupLearning how to deal with life’s problems can be a challenge, especially in place like Hollywood. That’s why Family Theater Productions holds Bible Study every Tuesday at 7 p.m. The group welcomes young Catholics, other Christians and all God-seekers to learn more about the Bible and its important messages at this spiritually rich program.

This outreach to the Hollywood community includes an informal session at the beginning so people can get to know each other. Many bring snacks to share with others. Some also bring brown-bag dinners so they can be well-fed in earthly food and heavenly Scripture. Snacks are also provided by Family Theater Productions.

bibleEach week features a new chair leading the program. Father Willy Raymond, CSC, National Director of Family Theater Productions, alternates as leader with Marianne and Tina, who are certified for Bible Study leadership by the Catholic Biblical Institute of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and Tony Sands, a longtime youth minister and “expert” on the saints.

All are welcome to come and get to know better Christ our Lord, who is the Word of God Incarnate. It helps immensely to learn about him through Scripture, reflecting with others on the Word of God and sharing the rich faith that makes us members of the Body of Christ.