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Mission begun by Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, celebrates 70th Anniversary Year


As Holy Cross Family Ministries celebrates the anniversaryPeyton of Father Peyton’s birthday, January 9, they also celebrate the beginning of a special year. Father Peyton founded Family Rosary in 1942 to bring families together to pray the Rosary daily in their homes just as his family had done. Father Peyton knew the strength it gave his family and when he was miraculously healed of tuberculosis, he committed his priestly life to spread devotion to the family Rosary. Early on in his ministry Father Peyton realized through the use of media, at the time radio, he could reach many more families. It was then, in 1947, that he founded Family Theater Productions to use mass media and invite the stars of Hollywood to help him reach families.

The source of the ministry today – 17 countries, 5 continents, 1.2 million Rosaries distributed yearly, mission events worldwide, television and radio programming – can all be traced back to the simplicity of Father Peyton’s father leading the family in the Rosary every evening in their home. Father Peyton’s vision that … the family that prays together stays together … and … a world at prayer is a world at peace … is as meaningful today as when he began this work 70 years ago.

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