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Family Rosary Philippines and Family Theater Productions, Co-Production, Carrying On is Released for Broadcast and Retail Sale


Carry OnNow available for purchase, the newest DVD release in our Manifest Mysteries Anthology, Carrying On, focuses on the issues of materialism and self-centeredness as it parallels the Carrying of the Cross.

The story is told of Maria, a spoiled teen from Boston who reluctantly travels to her family’s homeland in the Philippines to visit her grandmother. The grandmother’s money has been missing so Maria’s father sends her there to see why. It’s quite a culture shock for her. The biggest surprise comes when Maria figures out where the money is going! Maria learns to make sacrifices and experiences what it means to truly be “family” to others.

Carrying On was filmed by Family Rosary Philippines and post production work was completed at Family Theater Productions in Hollywood. Marketing and broadcast distribution will be managed out of Holy Cross Family Ministries in Massachusetts. This project was a worldwide mission effort. Carrying On is part of the Manifest Mysteries: A Rosary Anthology, a DVD series for teens, families and classrooms. Each contemporary drama relates to a Mystery of the Rosary. DVDs are entertaining and spark discussion.

This DVD is 24 minutes in length, is produced in English with tracks for Spanish, French and Portuguese on one DVD and includes a multi-lingual study guide. For a trailer or to order a copy of the DVD: click here.

We are pleased to announce that this production, “Carrying On,” received support from the USCCB – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. We are grateful for their support through the Catholic Communication Campaign.