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Holy Cross Family Ministries – India


Holy Cross Knocks at the Door to Myanmar

An International Seminar was organized on October, 23 – 26, at Holy Cross Church, Champhai for the first time, on the theme, “Spiritual Renewal & Self transformation,” The seminar was exclusively for Priests and Religious from Myanmar with about 18 participants. Among them were 10 diocesan Priests and 8 Religious Sisters belonging to three different societies. The Seminar was conducted by co-missionary team of Champhai Parish comprising the Sisters, the Brother and fathers of Holy Cross and sponsored by Holy Cross Family Ministry.

The reasons for organizing this sort of seminar for religious from Myanmar at Champhai, India is mainly

  1. Building up a sense of good relationship with them in view of future expansion of Holy Cross Mission in Myanmar;
  2. To make known the Congregation of Holy Cross through their living experience;
  3. Providing a different world view and spiritual experiences to enhance their religious commitment and mission;
  4. To share and exchange our ideas, opinion and religious experiences for nourishing one another;
  5. To create a sense of unity and understanding, and the need for cooperation and support in our effort to bring the Kingdom of God here on earth;

The Seminar focused on the challenges of religious life and witnessing Jesus Christ in today’s world by profession of faith in reference to Porta Fide (Year of Faith). It also dealt with new way of evangelization especially through Small Christian Communities and mass media. The seminar also emphasized on the importance of Human Rights, Health Care especially (HIV) patients, Social development, Parish Administration and awareness on environmental crisis as part of our mission as religious.

The participants expressed their gratitude for the hospitality provided by Holy Cross Community..

Most Rev Stephen Rotluanga, CSC, DD, Bishop of Aizawl, one of the resource persons, encouraged the participants to be fully committed religious, witnessing Christ to all the encounter.

After three days of seminar, the participants spent time visiting some important places in Champhai town and Aizawl city. They also visited Christ the King Cathedral and the Bishop’s House, Aizawl.