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October- Month of the Most Holy Rosary Celebrated Around the World- Bangladesh


Mission outreach around the world is greatly enhanced during the month of October – the month of the Most Holy Rosary – in an earlier edition of “Beads & Blessings” many activities were highlighted; below we highlight the activities that closed out the month.

All the Catholic parishes in Bangladesh take special efforts to express Marian devotion in many ways, including Rosary prayer with different groups and villages and Marian pilgrimages, Rosary Rallies and other Marian activities. Beads_12182014_Bangladesh ladies 250

Marian pilgrimages were very significant this year with 10,000 people participating in Mymensingh Diocese, 8,000 people in the Rajarampur Diocese and a large group of tea garden workers attended the event at the Harincherra Tea Estate in Sylhet Diocese.

Our mission staff participated in planning and conducting the event as well as offered financial support for all these events. Father Elias Palma, C.S.C., national director of Bangladesh shared his thoughts on Marian devotion and the Holy Rosary and encouraged families to not only pray together at the event, but also to pray together daily in the home.

Following Father Peyton’s model of praying before a Rosary Rally, the Rosary Rally at Rajarampur was preceded by a novena, which was prayed for the success of the pilgrimage. Father Palma preached each day of the novena on Mary, Christian traditions, Father Peyton and the Rosary. Nearly 150 people attended each of the nine days. Beads_12182014_Bangladesh men parade 250

The month of the Most Holy Rosary concluded in Bangladesh with an event, “Rosaries for the World and Families,” where more than 400 children and young adults prayed the Glorious Mysteries. While they sang the “Ave Maria,” they processed to the Grotto. This event is clearly an example of a picture is worth a thousand words.

While October was a very rich month, November continued with several prayer events in Chittagong, including a Marian seminar at Asam Bosti, Rangamati Hill Tracts, a blessing event at the Marian Grotto at Bhaibon Chorra, Khagrachari Hill Tracts, and a seminar at Bijtola, Khagrachari Hill Tracts. Beads_ 12182014_Bangladesh children 260