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Family Rosary – Bangladesh – Reaches out to Indigenous Youth with a Rosary Rally


beadsIn March, Family Rosary – Bangladesh staff conducted a two-day program including a Rosary Rally for about 185 indigenous youth at Sacred Heart Parish. The theme, A Dialogue of Life and Faith-Evangelization, was brought to life by Father Subrato Tolentino, CSC, through his reflection focusing on the present situation for these youth in Bangladesh.

Socially, these youth live on the outermost and lowest fringes of the society; politically, they have little say in decisions that affect their lives; economically, they are among the poorest; culturally they are perceived as hanging on to primitive and non-adaptive ways; physically they live in isolated areas; and their religious traditions are considered as not being on a par with others in their country. They are deprived of social justice, human rights, and the basic dignity we all expect.

beadsIn the midst of all these challenges, our evangelization work continues through the witness of life and humble service. We offer Christ’s message of salvation to them in a dialogue of life and faith, with a gift and invitation that we hope they can respond to and can receive freely in their own way, in their own time.

On Saturday evening, we held a candle-light Rosary praying the Mysteries of Light. A short reflection was given by Father Parimal Pereira, CSC, on the role of Mary in evangelization. He shared, “At this moment in history, the Church has unprecedented opportunities to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people and nations. By her vocation as the Virgin Mother of God, Mary is a singular model for the Church’s mission of evangelization and catechesis.
Mary was not only Christ’s first teacher, but also Christ’s first disciple. Within the intimacy of family life, Christ formed her in the knowledge of his divine Son-ship and of his obedience to the will of his heavenly Father. Through her intercession with Christ during the wedding at Cana, ‘his disciples began to believe in him.’ Traditionally, the Church had understood that Mary was present with the other disciples in the upper room when ‘there appeared to them tongues as of fire, which parted and came to rest on each one of them. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit.’”

The group then processed in front of the Grotto and Father Uzzol Rozario, CSC, gave the final blessing.

Please pray for our efforts with these faith-filled youth in Bangladesh.