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The “Good News” made possible by You. Your impact throughout the year.


In no other time have our mission and vision been more relevant and the need greater. As donors, volunteers, partners and friends, your support of our ministry is literally investment in our work of evangelization, and it enabled us to renew the faith life of so very many this past year alone, transforming millions of families all around the world wherever they may be.

And, we have good news to share.

Click here to read in our Mission Impact Report about the influence and transformative effect that Holy Cross Family Ministries is having throughout the world with your help. There is so much to be proud of. Together, we have brought even more families to greater faith through Rosary prayer.

Without you, we would not have been able to extend Father Peyton’s legacy to so many more families in need. Because you and others like you care, you make such stories of great faith possible. They inspire and encourage, just as you do to us. We feel so blessed that you journey with us as we strengthen families throughout the world.
You are there with us at our Rosary Rallies around the world, in our “Try Prayer” contests for our young people, and in our media outreach.

Our work touches so many, and there is still so much more we need to do. So many more families we need to reach and transform. We will continue to depend on your support as we work to further Father Peyton’s mission.

Does this good news inspire you?

Then help us proclaim it and forward this report to a friend. If you would like to be there with all those that we serve, then give a gift today to help us transform many more. And, as always keep us in your prayers!

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