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A brilliant star went out in the artistic celestial world

LOS ANGELES (August 12, 2012) The acclaimed actress and writer, Lucy Gallardo, died yesterday in her home in Los Angeles at the age of 82 from complications from COPD. She is survived by the actress and hostess Rebeca Rambal, the daughter from her marriage to the late actor Enrique Rambal.

Ms. Gallardo was born on December 13, 1929, in Buenos Aires, and moved to México where she had a long and fruitful acting career in which she achieved international recognition. In theater, she made her mark in numerous plays such as Los Grandes Sebastiani, La Mujer Asesinadita and Aurelia y Sus Hombres, among others. Her career in the movies was legendary. Among the dozens of films in which Ms. Gallardo starred, the one that stands out was El Ángel Exterminador, in which she starred alongside her husband, Enrique Rambal, under the direction of the acclaimed director Luis Buñuel. She also stood out in the telenovella genre, immortalizing the name of Lucy Scala in El Amor Tiene Cara de Mujer. Among her most recent writing credits are the telenovellas La Extraña Dama y Cosecharás tu Siembra.

During the last 25years of her life, Ms. Gallardo lived in the city of Los Angeles along with her daughter, who was her inseparable companion until the moment of her passing yesterday afternoon. Her last movie appearance was in the award-winning independent film How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, co-starring América Ferrera and Elizabeth Peña.

She also worked for Family Theater Productions’ Voz Latina, acting in radio programs for the family. Ms. Gallardo was the matriarch in La Historia de Quien Soy, the first Spanish language dramatic radio program produced in Los Angeles by Hispanics for Hispanics. In addition, she participated in the radio series Sabor a Vida in the episodes “Alister” and “Las Damas de Clara”.

With her death, Lucy Gallardo leaves an indelible mark in the artistic world, and a very important legacy to present and future generations of Hispanic actors.