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“Always be ready to be amazed … ” Third Holy Week Talk at the Father Peyton Center


frjohnWe continued our Lenten journey today with the third Holy Week talk. Father John Phalen, CSC, president of Holy Cross Family Ministries, was back to share his reflections on The Resurrection.

We opened and closed with the song, “We Will Rise Again,” which well framed Father John’s reflection.
Focusing first on the theme of “Joy and Sin,” Father John helped participants understand that even though we sin, we have the great gift of forgiveness that brings us grace and ultimately joy. He explored the story of the prodigal son where we hear the father’s plea to the brother, “Your brother was dead, and he has come to life.” The son received his father’s love and forgiveness and good came from it.

frjohn“Resurrection … coming back from the dead is not so uncommon in the Scriptures. For the ancient Israelites, Elijah was expected to have a second coming, even though presumably his earthly life would have ended, he was assumed into heaven. That’s why some claimed Jesus was Elijah, when asking, ‘Who do people say I am?’ The New Testament speaks of the raising of Jairus’ daughter, and the famous resurrection of Lazarus,” shared Father John. “Jesus’ rising, without the assistance of anyone else, brings renewed joy and hope to all his followers and to many who never knew him.”

“The Risen Lord frees us from slavery to sin; however, are we joyful as we reflect on these Scriptures or are we ‘ho-hum’ tired of the same old story?” challenged Father John. “Let’s make the story our own acknowledging our need for our Savior.”

As participants were guided through the Resurrection story, they were reminded that as the women approached the tomb, they wondered how they would move the stone. Arriving at the tomb they were amazed to find the stone rolled back. Encouraged to make this story their own, Father John asked participants, “When have you had obstacles throughout your life and had your own huge stones that you didn’t know how you could move them or get around them? Just as the women at the tomb did not know, let us not worry, let us have faith and know that the Risen Lord is always with us. Always be ready to be amazed.”

The talk closed in song and was followed by Mass.

Father John and all the staff at Holy Cross Family Ministries extend Easter blessings to all the visitors to the Center in Massachusetts, ministry offices around the world, and, of course, web visitors.

The Holy Week talks are offered annually on Monday through Wednesday of Holy Week. Please “join” us regularly for many inspirational messages on the prayer site: For more information on all events call 508-238-4095 or

Remember always Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton’s famous words … The Family That Prays Together Stays Together