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From Our Blog: How does God change the world?


… Of course we can say, ¨In a lot of ways.¨ We believe that He works with every act of unselfish love and He wants us to do all we can to help those who suffer. But we ought to pause and remember something essential.

On Feast of the Annunciation, I found myself amazed once again by how God changed the world by becoming a tiny human being in the womb of a then unknown Jewish girl! In Lent we prepare ourselves to celebrate how God saved us by dying a despicable death! The God who can make water sprout from a rock in a desert – IN HIS TIME, NOT OURS – tells us to be faithful and faith-filled in insistent prayer for the coming of HIS Kingdom.

This ought to give us a sense of amazement – and an insight into the importance of prayer, particularly the Holy Rosary!

For myself, I can´t help but want to get steeped in these wonders, especially now as we are preparing FIRM IN THE FAITH WITH MARY, our World Youth Day Rosary Campaign. Young people want to change the world. We want to help them understand how.

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