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Internships Available


Hands on Internship available at Hollywood Production Company

We are looking for interns!

Located on Sunset Boulevard, just blocks away from the Walk of Fame, Family Theater Produinternsctions has produced quality family-oriented television, film, and radio for over 60 years, and for the past 15 years we have run the Angelus Student Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals aimed at young artist in the nation. We are looking for motivated, talented, passionate students and recent graduates who are either looking for college credit or wish to gain further hands on experience in the entertainment industry. Internships will either be general, exposing the participant to all aspects of the company, or specific focusing on one department within the production house.

Our ideal candidate:

  1. Has a love for TV, film or radio or all three Internships
  2. Is available for a minimum of 3 days per week, or ideally more, Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm (may vary) for a period of 3 months. If you are in school, the commitment would be for 1 quarter or semester depending on your college. * Candidates who are available more days of the week will be given greater consideration.
  3. Has some experience in an office or being on-set
  4. Basic computer skills, internet and media savvy, and can operate common office equipment.
  5. Has some knowledge or even expertise in either post-production software, graphic design, or web design software. Examples would include: Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Publisher, Flash, Illustrator, Pro Tools, and similar software. Candidates do NOT need to know any of these programs to apply for the position, but having some skill in any or a number of them would again gain him or her greater consideration.
  6. “Can-Do” attitude and a willingness to get the task done, and has excellent communication skills
  7. A good sense of humor is a plus!

Tasks May Include (depending on intern’s skill base):

  1. Creating viral videos and/or internet content
  2. Editing scenes, trailers or promos
  3. Reviewing student films
  4. Working on set
  5. Contacting film makers and Hollywood professionals for our events
  6. Assist in production of Radio programs
  7. Working with Public Relations and Marketing
  8. Creating and designing or assisting in the creation and design of logos, invitations, brochures, web content, animation pieces and other creative pieces for any one of our departments.

What we offer...

  • A stipend: $400, a semester/quarter or the completion of 3 months
  • College credit
  • Experience that will look great on your resume
  • A creative environment with meaningful and fun work opportunities
  • Letters of reference for future job opportunities

What can students gain by finishing our internship program?

  • Official college credit
  • Opportunities to collaborate and network with industry professionals
  • Potentially quality material for your next reel.
  • You WILL gain knowledge and APPLY that knowledge to your love of film and multimedia!

TO APPLY: please send your resume, reel (or portfolio or website), and 3 references or 3 letters of recommendation. If you wish to send hardcopies of any of these materials, please mail them to Family Theater Productions, c/o Internships, 7201 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90046