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New drama ‘Family Dinner’ links modern life with
Mysteries of the Rosary to help families relate to Christ’s messages

It’s a situation many families across America have faced: a young daughter wants to go out with an older boy from high school but the parents don’t feel she is mature enough yet. What to do? That question is answered in “Family Dinner,” the newest faith-based DVD from Family Theater Productions. familydinnerkitchen250news

The 28-minute drama shows how this family deals with a sensitive issue involving teenage daughter Cristina. She is insistent on dating a senior at school but the parents want her to wait until she is 16. Paralleling the Fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist, “Family Dinner” is the latest release, which uses modern-day topics to explain the Mysteries of the Rosary.

The DVD stars up-and-coming star Paulina Cerrilla as the daughter. She was a contestant on season 3 of NBC’s “The Voice” in 2012 and was recently cast in the short film “String Theory.” Cerilla is also a Covergirl makeup model for the Hispanic market. As a singer, she has posted videos of her music that have been seen by tens of millions of viewers.

Also appearing in the drama are Gabriel Burrafato as the dad, Julian Curi as the son, Ivone Reyes as the mother and Mark Grossman as the boyfriend. It was written and directed by Anthony J. Sands, and produced by Father David Guffey, C.S.C., National Director of Family Theater Productions in Hollywood.

“Family Dinner” focuses on 15-year-old Cristina who gets caught planning to sneak out to a party Saturday night with Lukas, a popular senior from school she has been secretly seeing. Her parents are angry but Cristina begs them to reconsider. They are willing to relent but only after they meet Lukas at dinner. As Cristina prepares for this special meal, she starts to see her family members differently and begins to understand their concerns. Also, a series of encounters with Lukas opens her eyes to his true nature. A discussion with her grandmother helps Cristina understand the real meaning of love, especially the love of God.

“Family Dinner” is ideal for families looking to deepen their faith while exploring the spiritual side of topical issues and how they relate to the life of Christ. It is part of a DVD series for teens, families and classrooms. Each drama is linked to a Mystery of the Rosary.

This story relates to the Institution of the Eucharist by demonstrating Christ’s true gift of love to us. Cristina’s dinner table represents the altar and the table at the Last Supper. The Eucharist nourishes spiritually as the family dinner table nourishes physically.
Cristina’s service to her family represents the Washing of the Feet at the Last Supper, Jesus modeling his message of service for us. Jesus reminds us that the nature of true love is service and sacrifice. Cristina learns more about the love of her family during the week of family projects.

“Family Theater is excited to release ‘Family Dinner’ as our newest DVD,” said Father David Guffey, C.S.C., National Director of Family Theater Productions in Hollywood. “It’s entertaining and sure to spark discussion among families, especially teens, about how Christ’s messages relate to their lives today.”

A trailer for the new DVD is available for viewing. “Family Dinner” is produced in English, dubbed in Spanish, and subtitled in French and Portuguese on one DVD and includes a multi-lingual study guide. It sells for $8.95, plus shipping and tax. It can be ordered online at or by calling 800-299-7729.

Family Theater Productions, which celebrated its 65th anniversary last year, is a member ministry Holy Cross Family Ministries. The production company was founded by Servant of God Patrick Peyton, in 1942. A candidate for sainthood, Father Peyton was one of the most influential American Catholic priests of the 20th century. Known as the “Rosary Priest,” he encouraged millions of people to pray the Rosary daily.

In the spirit of its founder, Servant of God Patrick Peyton, Holy Cross Family Ministries helps families pray together, especially the Rosary.