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Family Rosary – Albany – Most Memorable Experience


Geraldine Herrington, a volunteer at Family Rosary in Albany since 1981, published her memoirs this year and shares that one of the most memorable experiences of her life was to know and work with Father Peyton. After recovering from cancer she wanted to do something in gratitude to Mary when a sister at the hospital suggested she volunteer with Family Rosary. She used her experience in archival organization and was the first to organize the Family Rosary archive in Albany.

Dorothy Halloran, one of the first secretaries for Father Peyton, and Laetitia Rhatigan, Mission Director Family Rosary, Albany, visited with Geraldine and enjoyed her reflections and memories. She shared how his arms were so long that he could almost touch the walls on both sides of the Family Rosary chapel when he extended them in blessing. She recalled his frequent expression of thanks for her work and would say in his Irish brogue, “O! Thank you Greddy,” and also recalled how Father Peyton would often like to tell a joke.

After sharing her memories Gerry concluded the conversation by saying, “I think that is all I have to contribute except that I loved him.”