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Shirley Temple – World’s Most Adorable Child Star – and Dear Friend to Family Theater Productions, Dies at Age 85.


Shirley Temple   

 Ms Temple Black is shown here in studio with Dan Duryea in 1948

Shirley Temple Black shared her gifts and talents with Family Theater Productions in many ways, but specifically in three of our radio productions. In 1948, Ms. Temple hosted our program “Toledo Smith.” Written by Mark Kearney and Lou Reid, the program starred Dan Duryea and Skip Homeier and is still broadcast today.

Also in 1948, Temple Black starred in “Christmas in July” with John Agar; and hosted our program, “A Daddy for Christmas,” which starred Pat O’Brien, bobby Driscol and Linda Johnson. This popular program continues in our broadcast and retail sales lineup due to its timeless story of hope.

All of us at Family Theater Productions extend our deepest sympathy and prayers to the family and fans of our beloved Shirley Temple. May she rest in peace.