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Elijah, Peace Pilgrim


This is Elijah María. He grew up as Thomas Joachim Uhlig (look for him on Google) but took a new name to express his mission when he was baptized 8 months ago.

Elijah is a Peace Pigrim. My mission travels in Ireland now took me to a Church in Kildare where I met him in the cold night looking for a place to stay so I got him a room at the B&B where I was staying.

He is not crazy. Rather he is a serious man of 34 whose great sensitivity to war in Europe and the Middle East and particularly his pain over the Jewish Holocaust led him to begin a journey a year and a half ago in his native Potsdam, Germany, by foot, all around Europe to finally end at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Christmas 2013.

Elijah, my friend Gerry from near Kildare, and I had a wonderful evening of conversation over dinner.

We shared faith and visions. Actually, he studied European politics and history as he also grew in his faith to decide then to become a Catholic. He is quite aware of a mission. Till now he has been walking mostly alone as he shares his vision – yet searching his own soul. Peace needs to be in our own hearts, so that we can bring it to others. Now he wants to share his mission more publicly, letting his journey be a call to peace to many.

We pondered together what Father Peyton said: a world at prayer is a world at peace.

¨Blessed ar the peacemakers, for they shall be called Children of God.¨