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Father Willy Raymond on national radio show


blessed2playFather Willy Raymond, CSC, National Director of Family Theater Productions, appeared on EWTN’s radio show Blessed2Play. During the program host, Ron Meyer, asked Father Willy about Family Theater’s history, its productions and its mission of outreach to the Hollywood community. They also discussed Father Willy’s role as chaplain for the L.A. Dodgers and his involvement with Catholic Athlete’s for Christ.

During the conversation Father Willy brought up a few highlights, including the successful production of Rosary Stars which was conceived during a retreat about five years ago with the newly formed Catholic Athlete’s for Christ. Five-time MLB All-Star Mike Sweeney, who was at the retreat, mentioned how he loved praying the Rosary with his family and how it helped them. From those early talks, the idea of helping young people see how the Rosary could assist them in life, was launched. Following the inspiration of Blessed John Paul II’s call for the New Evangelization came the question of how do we bring this prayer to the current generation? And so, Rosary Stars was born. Father Willy then remembered the words of Family Rosary’s founder, Servant of God, Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, who said, “…the Rosary can be the glue that holds families together.”

Ron also asked about Father Willy’s role as chaplain to the L.A. Dodgers. Father Willy said it’s a delight adding , “it’s a chance for the players from the Dodgers and the visiting team to go to confession and then attend Mass.” He also noted that baseball players face a particular challenge with their rigorous schedule from Spring right into the Fall. Father Willy said making the sacraments available helps the players cope and is much appreciated. Father Willy also mentioned that Catholic Athlete’s for Christ is now exploring how to initiate Mass at MLB stadiums around the country.

You can catch the entire interview on Sunday May 20, at 4:30pm ET/ 1:30pm PT. (Times may vary with local affiliates.) or listen at (The show is listed under Archives.)