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Rosary Rally Held in City of Angels for 2,500 Catholic School Students


rallyMore than 2,500 students converged on Cantwell – Sacred Heart High School’s football field on May 1 to kickoff the Month of Mary. The Catholic school students from grades 6 through 12 came by bus in the early hours of the morning to be with Holy Cross Family Ministries from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for Rosary prayer, Eucharistic Adoration, and inspiring keynote talks. The theme was: “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.”

Jamie Linares, a junior at the school, shared her personal journey about her family’s financial hardship when they lost their home after her father abandoned the family. Her rallyfamily moved in with her grandfather and put their lives back together. Jamie also shared her experiences about her efforts to begin reconciliation with her father. Despite the subsequent death of her grandfather, Jamie found blessing and grace even in adversity.

Justin Fatica, founder of Hard as Nails Ministry and also a featured celebrity in Family Theater Productions’ video, “Rosary Stars,” was the final keynote at the event. Justin shared how he was 29 years old before he ever heard his father tell him that he loved him. Justin, now the father of four children, shared the importance of sharing love and affirming loved ones, even if simply through a “high-five” faticafor his children.

Rapper Joe Melendrez will also participated in the event by rapping Rosary prayers and sharing other music from his CD.

“Each speaker’s amazing personal witness created an event that was so rich with story and affirmation,” said Father John Phalen, CSC, president of Holy Cross Family Ministries. “All the students in attendance were moved and totally engaged. Their eyes were riveted upon the speakers.”

During Eucharistic adoration, the rallyGlorious Mysteries of the Rosary as well as the prayer intentions were led by students. The entire event was beautifully enhanced by music and song by the Saint Monica’s High School student choir and by the crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Archbishop Gomez shared his thoughts on the importance of Mary in our lives and how we can count on her watching over us.

For Father John Phalen’s personal reflection on this inspiring event, check out his blog comments at: