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Odyssey of Faith


Both Father Willy Raymond, CSC, National Director of Family Theater and Father David Gufrwillyffey, CSC, Director of Television for Family Theater Productions gave presentations at the annual Faith Odyssey 2012 Annual Conference Day. The event was held at Saint Monica’s Parish on Saturday January 14th.

Father Willy spoke with Father Christopher Kelley, S.S.C., an Episcopal priest and rector of St. Mary of the Angel’s Church in Hollywood on the topic The Journey of Faith Together.

Many Anglo-Catholics are at a crossroads and seeking restoration of communion with the See of Peter. In response, Pope Benedict XVI has reached out generously recognizing the value of retaining the spiritual heritage of Anglicans. For many it’s the answer to their prayers but it is still uncharted territory. This conversation explored the invitation by Pope Benedict and the challenges of new relations in the face of a world that cries for unity among Christians.

Father David Guffey, CSC, talked about how our daily struggles are part of the journey. His talk was on the theme, Embrace the Mystery in the Midst of the Mess. frguffey

“If we imagine that joy cannot be found until everything is perfect, we may never find joy in human life,” said Father David. Rather, Jesus tells us, ‘The Kingdom of God is among you right now.’ Father David will address issues such as, how does our rich tradition of faith and prayer help us find joy and peace amid situations of sorrow, frustration or anger?

If you weren’t able to attend Father David will continue his discussion on his blog: