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On the Road with Family Theater


alleluiaFamily Theater Productions reaches out to drivers and families on the road through our national billboard campaign. From the billboard atop our building on Sunset Boulevard right in the heart of Hollywood, to the American Heartland itself, FTP posts messages of love, faith and inspiration along the highways and byways of the USA. One of our messages was recently spotted by Daniel A. in Michigan along Route 94. Father Willy Raymond, CSC, National Director of Family Theater Productions sent along his appreciation in an email saying: “Thanks very much for letting us know that you spotted one of our billboards in Michigan along Route 94. We have one above our Family Theater Productions Office on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and are always happy to hear that the same image is being eyeballed in so many places around the country.”

If you see any of our billboards while traveling across the country please let us know! We’ll be sure to give you a mention in our next edition of Credits! Here’s a link to where you can post your sighting on Family Theater’s website: