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New Director of Family Rosary – Mexico Leads Team in Prayer


Father Jim Phalan, C.S.C., writes that he is happily settling into his new life as Director of Family Rosary Mexico! He has recently moved to Monterrey Mexico where our Mexican mission is based. 09222014NEWS250

After having completed more than seven years as Director of Family Rosary International, which required him to be on the move constantly among all our missions outside the United States, he will now focus his attention on missions in Mexico and South America. Father Jim will also serve as Regional Coordinator for South America.

“It is beautiful to see so many Mexican families united and strong in their faith, Often in spite of really serious economic challenges.” said Father Jim, “However the same challenges to faith and family that have so affected the developed countries are banging hard at the door everywhere! The Church and the world need the Latin American Christian family to be strong in faith! Pray with us that we in Family Rosary can help.”

Shown here Father Jim, a.k.a, Padre Jaime, and some of our Mexican team praying the Rosary.