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Month of the Rosary


rosaryAs the Month of the Rosary approaches, we reach out to families around the world to encourage them to pray the Rosary to fulfill Father Peyton’s vision that The Family That Prays Together Stays Together.

Father John Phalen, CSC, President of Holy Cross Family Ministries, offers his thoughts on this Marian Month in his Seasonal Inspiration below. This and many other prayerful offerings can be found on our website. You can logon and be inspired or sign up for our many email and text options. 

Seasonal Inspiration
By Rev. John Phalen CSC, President
Holy Cross Family Ministries


Traditionally, October is recognized through the Centuries as a Marian month, a time to pray to Our Lady, along with the month of May, famous for May crownings and processions. Why would this be? May in the northern hemisphere is a Spring month full of blooming flowers. October is a time when leaves change color and die. It is the Fall, “the human season,” as W.H. Auden refers to it. Both months are times when nature seems to help tell the Christian story, focused as it is on death and resurrection to new life.

One could actually witness nature imitating the Paschal Mystery in October, since the beautiful green leaves must die, and in their dying they become more beautifully colorful than ever. Unless the seed dies, it remains just a seed. But if it dies, it goes into the ground and new life comes forth! This is the Christological message that Mary wishes us to receive in October.

How appropriate that these colorful seasons are identified with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who is so identified with the rose! In fact, the Rosary is a kind of spiritual bouquet, a garland of roses presented to the Mother of the Savior and our Mother too, as we contemplate the life of her Son in the Mysteries!

The six month stretch from May to October is also related to the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal at the beginning of the twentieth Century. It took place on the 13th of the month of May, and Mary returned on the 13th of each succeeding month up until October. For this reason, 13 was Servant of God Father Peyton’s favorite number.

October 7th is, of course, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, who is also Our Lady of Victory! This date and this title of Mary commemorate the famous Battle of Luponto, when Christian Europe was saved by the prayerful invocation of the Blessed Mother through her Holy Rosary.

So it is October, a truly Marian month! Be sure to ask the intercession of Mary for all your intentions, especially in the Holy Rosary! Remember, the family that prays together stays together!