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Prayers Requests , Prayers of Petition, or Intercessory Prayers are prayers in which we are asking God to assist us. They are prayers in which we recognize our dependence on God and thus give praise to God.

Prayer for a Favor through the Intercession of Servant of God Patrick Peyton

God, Our Father, your wisdom is displayed in all creation and the power of your grace is revealed in the lives of holy people, who inspire us to trust you more fully and to serve others more generously. In a unique way, you blessed the life and work of your servant, Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, and made him a fervent apostle of Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary and Mother of us all. Through his intercession, we ask for this favor.… Please grant it, if it is for your honor and glory, through Christ Our Lord. Amen .

Father David Marcham, invites those who have received favors through the intercession of the Servant of God Patrick Peyton in response to prayer requests to forward that information to him.

To report prayers answered, please use the following form.

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While we accept anonymous requests and reports of favors, it helps the Cause if you provide your contact information, as this allows us to submit a verifiable report to the Vatican.