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Family Theater Productions


Family Theater Productions evangelizes the culture by using mass media to entertain, inspire and educate families. Since 1947, Family Theater Productions has produced more than 600 radio and TV programs featuring hundreds of celebrities, with more than 10,000 broadcasts worldwide.

Family Theater In Action:

  • Digital re-mastering over 500 radio dramas from the golden age of Hollywood, now on Sirius, XM, FM and AM stations.
  • Voz Latina serves the Latino community with radio programming that explores and looks for solutions to the problems faced by Latin American immigrants and their families.
  • Film Number 11 of 20 in the Manifest Mystery Anthology, “You Will See” in production
  • Exciting and inspirational radio programs such as Radio Broadcast Rosary and Sabor a Vida.
  • Monthly Prayer and Pasta in our Hollywood offices, supporting the local community. 
  • Billboard Campaign brings the messages of hope, love, and inspiration to people on the highways and roadways

The motto of Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, "The family that prays together, stays together™," is a theme that has embodied the spirit of the staff and productions through the sixty-plus-year history.

Stories of Faith

Children with Rosaries
"Thank you very much father. I did receive the two consignments of the Rosaries, each having 1,000 Rosaries...What beautiful and blessed gifts of our Lord Jesus and our beloved Mother Mary"

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