Awards & Highlights

Recent Highlights:

  • More than 1 million Rosaries were distributed to various countries ( Rosaries for the World Program from Family Rosary ).
  • Over 302 generous Rosary Makers made and donated 170,446 Rosaries.
  • More than 18,764 people ministered to at nearly 72 Mission Events in the United States alone.
  • Approximately 250,000 children in fourteen countries participated in the Try Prayer! It Works! Contest – United States, Mexico, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Bangladesh, Brazil, Peru, Ireland, Chile, India, France and the Philippines.
  • More than 1 million Prayers of the Day were shared via email and text message (TXT).
  • Family Theater Productions' recent drama, Family Dinner, was recognized by three major festivals: Gabriel Awards, New York Festivals and The Telly Awards.   
  • Holy Cross Family Ministries received 3,889 gifts from 2,007 generous donors.
  • The Family Link andThe Cause newsletters were distributed to 27,177 households and was made available online.
  • 51,378 people "like" Family Rosary Brazil's Facebook page.
  • The Family Rosary and Family Theater YouTube channels had a combind total of 240,568 views for the 2,334,443 minutes of available video content. That is 38,907 hours of ministry contact time.
  • Our annual Pilgrimage to Ireland brought 24 pilgrims to the Father Peyton Memorial Centre in Attymass.
  • Rosary Rallies were held in all 17 countries where our mission is present. The United States had four Rosary Rallies with a total of 10,330 participants.

    Stories of Faith

    Fr Jim in Mexico
    "Once again, one thousand thanks, and may God reward you for your generosity. With all my heart I entrust myself in your valuable prayers."

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