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Explore how our ministries are building stronger families and a better world through prayer and spiritual support.

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In 2019, over 600,000 Rosaries distributed in 24 countries to families, schools, parishes, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, and other organizations around the world.

World at Prayer. HCFM is promoting prayer around the world and bringing people together to pray!

Serving over 25,000 people annually at the Father Peyton Center in Easton, MA!

Through articles, books, podcasts, activities, and more, CatholicMom.com seeks to create a community for Catholic parents to share insights on living out their faith with their family.

Pray with us - Click above to watch the Family Rosary “Our Father” video!

The Dating Project , a fresh documentary that offers a new perspective on dating for those looking to find and nurture solid relationships! Now curriculum guides that complement the film are availible for free!

Celebrating 20 years of improving the lives of families in Peru. And developing a larger Institute to serve more families in India!

Short enough to fit into any busy day, Family Rosary provides weekly E-books that share inspiring stories of faith.

50,000 youth attended a three day Family Rosary retreat in 2019. Attendees reported that their reliance on God has increased, grades in school have improved, and their family’s spirituality has been enhanced.

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