WE PRAYED! A Campaign for Family Prayer

"If enough families pray, they can save the world" Venerable Patrick Peyton


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OUR VISION As the Apostle of Family Prayer, Venerable Patrick Peyton is on the path to sainthood. He built his ministry for the long-term, envisioning and praying for the team that follows him not to equal his work but to surpass it in quantity and quality. Now is the blessed moment and opportunity to make Father Peyton's vision a reality, meet today's families pressing needs, and honor our extraordinary founder. Together, through We Prayed! A Campaign for Family Prayer, we will create a beacon of hope for future generations, the Church, and our world. 


YOUR LEADERSHIP Inspired by the life and works of Father Peyton and the lasting impact of prayer, we will transform The Father Peyton Center in North Easton, MA. Our ministry's headquarters just south of Boston shares a campus with Holy Cross Retreat Center and Stonehill College, affiliated with the Congregation of Holy Cross. Here we will create a sacred, engaging, destination for family prayer and spiritual renewal. The new Center will serve families and pilgrims from around the world and will be a dignified resting place for Father Peyton. 




Map of the Re-Imagined Peyton Center

Coming soon: click through to see 3D renderings of what our campus will soon become!

Re-Imagined Courtyard
Our re-imagined courtyard will be an inviting space for visitors to enjoy, complete with statues of Mary holding the Child Jesus and Venerable Patrick Peyton.  The expanded main entrance will serve as Patrick Peyton's final resting place, open to all who wish to pray and venerate our beloved founder.
Lourdes Grotto and Rosary Path

All are welcome to journey through the Mysteries on our re-imagined Rosary Path and pray for our Blessed Mother's intercession at a new Lourdes Grotto.

Rosary Station
Each Decade of the Rosary will have a beautiful
Prayer Station for visitors to recline and reflect on the Mysteries together.


In 1948, with a disposition of gratitude to the Blessed Mother for his miraculous healing, Father Patrick Peyton C.S.C., committed his priestly vocation to inspiring families to pray the Rosary with the launch of his Crusade for Family Prayer. Writing over 4,000 letters to Bishops, Priests, and laity asking for their prayers and support, Father Peyton declared that “If enough families pray the Rosary, we can save the world.”

Now 75 years later, we are launching We Prayed! A Campaign for Family Prayer, a continuation of Father Peyton’s campaign for family prayer with refreshed eyes and a renewed spirit. This capital campaign will transform The Father Peyton Center in North Easton, MA into a dignified resting place for Venerable Patrick Peyton and a prayer destination for families. A beautiful Lourdes Grotto and Rosary Garden are among the re-imagined Father Peyton Center.


A Place for Pilgrimage to Venerable Patrick Peyton’s Resting Place

  • Dignified resting place for Venerable Patrick Peyton. 
  • A place to venerate this Candidate for Sainthood.
  • Renovated front entrance with larger event space.

A Place for Prayer and Discovery with a new Rosary Path and Lourdes Grotto

  • Journeying through the Mysteries with a redesigned beautiful Rosary Path. 
  • Enlarged Prayer Stations with seating for reflection.
  • Praying for the Blessed Mother’s intercession at a Lourdes Grotto.

A Place for Renewal and Restoration at a Marian Pedestrian Plaza

  • Landscaped plaza with benched seating for relaxation.
  •  Family Picnic Areas for rejuvenation.
  • Relocated and enlarged parking near front entrance. 

Be Part Of This Historic Opportunity

Consider making a gift to support the programming and future capital needs at The Father Peyton Center. 

For more information, please contact the Mission Advancement Office:

Dr. Andrew Macdonald, Executive Director of Mission Advancement,

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Cathy Downes, Director of Mission Advancement

508-884-6734, cdownes@hcfm.org

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