"If enough families pray, they can save the world." Venerable Patrick Peyton. Please support as we celebrate the Power of Prayer "


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This Gabriel Award-winning series is a place for young adults to find answers to their most pressing questions about the Catholic faith. Hosts Gabby (Gabby Estey), Nick (Nicholas Vicinanzo), Kai (Kaiser Johnson), and Libby (Libby Slater) offer solid knowledge with plenty of humor. Study and reflection guides available at Catholic Central.com.


Award-Winning Documentary Now On Digital, DVD, and Blu-ray - PRAY: THE STORY OF PATRICK PEYTON

The Global Media Pioneer Who Promoted Family Prayer

Known worldwide for his famous message “the family that prays together stays together,” this humble man, who was healed by prayer, took his message of family prayer to more than 28 million people at 40 massive public prayer rallies throughout his 50 years as a priest.



Faith Delivered in Funny, Informative and Free Videos in Spanish

Gabriel Award-winning Lente Católico brings you informative and entertaining videos about Catholic thought, spirituality and practice in Spanish. We put together a talented team of writers, charismatic hosts and theological experts to deliver creative videos sure to inform, entertain and inspire.


“A World at Prayer is a World at Peace”

Venerable Patrick Peyton
Founder of Holy Cross Family Ministries

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