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Strengthening Moms and Families seeks to create a community for Catholic parents to share insights on living out their faith with their family. Through an array of contributors, provides information through articles, books, podcasts, activities, and daily reflections. These resources provide transformative solutions and faith-based insights to thousands of parents, thus strengthening families.


“This was such an inspirational reflection on today’s Gospel... you made me want to jump out of my “boat” and run to Jesus. Thanks for giving me the dose of energy and perspective I need to get through today. Blessings to you!”

Claire McGarry Church
On Daily Gospel Reflections

Why Catholic Mom Matters

Being a great, supportive parent today is not easy, and being a great parent who incorporates the faith is even harder. Our society is in desperate need of strong Catholic moms and parents so we can have stronger families and greater unity within the home. Catholic Mom provides the access and opportunity to explore useful, and engaging spiritual parenting resources.


Catholic Mom's Impact

Catholic Mom provides a diverse, impactful resource that helps parents improve their family's life. Here are some of the impressive reasons why Catholic Mom is changing lives:

  • Reaching over 250,000 visitors every month through

  • Over 140 dedicated volunteer contributors to articles, blogs, and other resources

  • New weekly podcast, titled CatholicMomcast: Conversations about Faith, Family, and Fun

  • Daily reflections inspired by the day’s Gospel

  • Sunday Gospel Activities- a faithful, free, and fun way to bring families together 


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