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Family Theater Productions creates family, faith-based programs to entertain, inspire and educate the family. Our productions reach people around the world predominantly through the many digital platforms families use, such as YouTube. We also provide programming to television and radio broadcast outlets. Our billboard campaign, begun in 1947, continues to inspire families today.


“Catholic Central is fun, informative and easy to understand. It's critically important to share the faith in such a way that is not dry or boring...Catholic Central evangelizes and catechizes in such a way that people are drawn in”

Cathy Mackey
High School Teacher

Why Family, Faith-based Media Matters

Today, more than ever, families are in need of faith-based media that educates and spiritually supports the family. We know that people of faith want media that reflects their interests and values. Family Theater Productions is working to produce quality entertainment that families long for. In 2017, we launched an internet series, Catholic Central, for young people to explore essential questions and themes of Catholicism in a format that uses humor, fast-paced graphics as well as solid theology.


Family Theater Productions Impact

For every film, series, or Hollywood outreach program, we have the power to influence the lives of thousands and potentially millions of families. Here are just a few examples:

  • Over 8 million minutes of original family, faith-based programming viewed on Youtube in 2017.
  • 2017 launch of the new Catholic Central series, offering entertaining and inspiring insights into Catholic thought, spirituality and practice.
  • The Dating Project, a documentary that offers a new perspective on dating for those looking to find and nurture solid relationships, will be released April 17th, 2018.
  • 15 years of successful spiritual support and outreach to people in Hollywood, reaching approximately 500 young Catholics annually.

Fun Facts

  • Family Theater Productions, Hollywood, gave 1950's teen idol James Dean his first film acting credit in Hill Number One.
  • It gave noted film producer/director George Lucas (Star Wars) his first film credit - as an assistant cameraman - in the mid-1960s for a short, The Soldier, starring William Shatner.
  • The late Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco made her last three film appearances in Family Theater programs in the early 1980s before her fatal car accident.
  • Some stars featured by Family Theater programs include Bing Crosby, Loretta Young, Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan and more!

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